Pricing and Other Information

Prices are based on time and the number of people included.

  • Half day up to three (3) hours for up to two (2) people is 35,000 yen.
    *30,000 yen throught December 2018.
    • Each additional person is 4,000 yen.
  • Full day up to six (6) hours for up to two (2) people is 45,000 yen.
    *40,000 yen throught December 2018.
    • Each additional person is 5,000 yen.
  • Details and final pricing confirmed by email. Inquire now.

* Model for a Day photo-adventures are generally limited to 1 model to keep the focus on your interests and portfolio needs.


Basic Information:

  • PhotoTour.Tokyo will deliver a selection of images from the tour to you online via Dropbox or per arrangement.
  • Price is exclusive of all transportation expenses including, meals and fees charged by third parties. Extra services or equipment may require additional charges.
  • Public transportation will be used unless otherwise supplied by the client.
  • The photo tour starts and ends at your hotel or designated location. PhotoTour.Tokyo will handle the navigation to all locations unless other arrangements are made.
  • Details of the photo tour will be decided via consultation and confirmed in writing prior to the outing.

* Notice: While PhotoTour.Tokyo will navigate you though the public transportation system to and from the shoot locations, share facts and information about the locations, provide various insights and help you communicate with locals, PhotoTour.Tokyo does not claim to be or act as a Japan licensed travel agent or tour guide. Payment to PhotoTour.Tokyo is for the photographic related services rendered.

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